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[ black like me ]

Representation matters. For a child to turn on a television and see a reflection of themselves, or open a book and see a resemblance of their character, is a major deal in growth and development. As we evolve in life, we start to identify those whose likeness have helped shape and molded us into the person we are today. The most beautiful feeling is knowing that you are not alone. There is someone out there whom you can look up to that has qualities that reflect your own. I aim to reflect this feeling and recognition in my work.

My series “Black Like Me” is an introspective series that alludes to the public role models that have influenced my life. These self-portraits capture my love for African American artistry by presenting self-portraits that depict the importance of these figures in my life and how I feel we are connected as human beings. As a photographer, I use my technical skills in composing images combined with controlled lighting to immortalize the subjects that mean the most to me.

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