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[ Lavatory Noir ]

The Scene: A troubled 20 something has entered a messy lavatory to contemplate

a mistake they’ve made. This is not their home. They are all alone. As time passes

by they occupy every inch of this small lavatory, trying to decide their next more.

The suspense is terrorizing. The night is only growing older. Who are they? What

should they do? Was it worth it? Will someone find them? What are they running

from? Are they their own worst enemy?


We set out with no direct visions at all. After getting dressed, meeting up, and having lunch, we went to Cyd’s place to create some…anything. It all started with a few stills on a stool. Cyd was teaching Marq how to work the camera and Kam experimented with the lights. Cyd entered the bathroom to examine her face in the mirror. Marq decided to take a few candids then they decided to flick the lights off and play with the flashlight.


Marq brought this knife along with him and Cyd found it interesting. After a few face shots, Cyd began to work the room, then it began. Cyd possessed an eerie demeanor while posing with the knife. It was almost sinister. What was once a shoot with no clear direction became a scene straight out of a noir film.

Kam angled the lights in ways that light Cyd in suspenseful and engaging ways.

Marq, inspired by the lighting, got into the groove and explored different angles. “Once I got into it, I remembered the ‘Noir Town’ issue of W magazine with Janelle Monae that Jordan Peele directed. It was almost if I could hear the Bernard Herrmann compositions from those Hitchcock films. I felt like I was this mysterious character who had just done something and regretted the design”, said Cyd. “She looked scary, like she was possessed, but having fun at the same time”, said Marq.


Given a single prop, a small, workable set, dramatic lighting, and collaborative direction, the story pretty much told itself. Cyd, dressed in a newsprint button down draped open, Prince t-shirt peeking from underneath, a silver cross necklace, and black slacks, became a character straight out of a movie. Once she got the vibe and heard the music in her head; Lavatory Noir was born.

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