[ Lego: A Model Brand ]

The Lego brand was born out of the European economic depression era in the 1930’s. Founded in Denmark, the smallest nation in Scandinavia, Lego is historically one of the most successful toy brands. Its slogan “Only the best is good enough” developed from its given name and helped transform the brand into a household name. As Europe’s largest toy manufacturer, Lego has found many ways to grow and expand their brand. From its empire of over 349 billion produced pieces to its physical empire with nine Legoland locations and twenty-two Legoland Discovery Centers across the world, Lego has a variety of play themes and goes above and beyond the classic red, blue, red, black and white blocks.

Exhibition floorplan

This aerial view shows the overall layout of the exhibition. Each color represents a different section of the exhibit that is specific to a different section of the "story" of Lego. They all come together to create a family experience. 

Front View

Back View

Exhibition floorplan w/ pathway of entry

This overlay shows the pathway of entry and exit. There is a primary path shown in white with a truncated path in yellow and an exit path in red.

Right View

Left View