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[ prince: life & legacy ]


Part One: Life

Part one of Prince: Life & Legacy contains the highlights of the life of Prince Rogers Nelson, the high school basketball star turned musician. It features images of a young Prince, his family members, many of the women who had known him on a romantic level, and recounts a bit from his last days. One of my personal musical heroes, I chose to make a two part book on the Life and Legacy of Prince because it felt like the only way to properly honor someone who meant so much

to myself and others.


Research a topic of your choice to design and create a promotional book.


Part Two

Legacy: Prince was a man of many talents and left a long trail of influences in the music industry and the world. Prince: Legacy highlights his greatest accomplishments in music, fashion, activism, and the protégés he left to continue his legacy. It features images of Prince with his mentees and protégés, most memorable fashion moments, iconic performances, and highlights some of his awards and accolades. This portion of the two part book, Prince: Life and Legacy, is an inspiration to my own artistry and serves as a constant inspiration to me.

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