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Tyler Perry Studios (TPS), located on the old Fort McPherson army base in Atlanta, GA, is a film production studio, founded by actor, filmmaker, and playwright Tyler Perry in 2006. Formerly, The Tyler Perry Company, Inc., Tyler Perry Studios has produced entertainment in the form of plays, television shows, and movies since 2006.


Objective: Redesign the identity for a small company.​

The Tyler Perry Company


Tyler Perry Studios


In 2016, Tyler Perry Studios changed its brand identity to the one featured on the left. The studios's slogan is A place where even dreams believe and the logo attempts to depict that, however, it becomes to abstracted to the common audience. In my redesign, I emphasize the Tyler Perry Studios name and by simplifying the mark to Tyler Perry's initial so that it is easily distinguishable. Through the use of motion graphics, I illustrate the marrying of the   'T' and the 'P' similar to the closing of doors like the 2016 almost symbolizes.